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Young Engineers and Scientist Summit 2016 is an event facilitating engineering students and scientists in order to apply their abilities to solve problems in Indonesia. It’s the fourth event initiated by ITS Surabaya Student Executive Board. These are the agenda:

In this YES Summit 2016, engineering students and scientists will be given materials related to Indonesia Connectivity theme. Participants of YES Summit 2016 are students who have innovations and motivations to be initiator of engineering and science student movement. Participants will be divided into some focus group discussion based on available clustering.

After the participants attend lecture and FGD, they will receive an outdoor activity which is a visit company so that the participants are expected to gain vast knowledge about Indonesia Connectivity and can help them to solve connectivity problems in Indonesia with innovation from engineering and science perspective.



Past Speakers

Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) Summit 2015 is a gathering platform for selected student from ASEAN region to exchange idea and thought in order to solve any main problems occurred around them. What makes YES Summit this year different? This year, all students from ASEAN region can be part of this summit as participant. YES Summit 2015 raises a crucial theme for ASEAN which is about ASEAN connectivity. In this theme, the topic will be divided into 3 clusters; Transportation, ICT, and Energy.

“Let’s Change the Role of ASEAN” is jargon that will burn the spirit of ASEAN youth in developing ASEAN region in order to reach 2020 ASEAN vision. The goal is to support ASEAN youth which the majority comes from developing countries, to expand every potentials and provide solutions to the problems that occur in their countries. Furthermore, the purpose of this event is to prepare ASEAN students to face ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015. “We’re Stronger When We’re Connected” is a spirit from ASEAN region which is emphasized in this YES Summit 2015.



Past Speakers

Young Engineers and Scientists Summit 2014 is a conference which facilitates young engineers and scientists to collaborate in order to solve problems in Indonesia. It raises a topic about transportation, with theme about Collaboration of Young Engineers and Scientists on Solving Problems and Developing Transportation Technology for Indonesia. It will be held for four days on May 2014 at ITS Surabaya.

Engineering students and scientists from various universities in Indonesia will participate in this national event. They will be given basic knowledge and will discuss problems in Indonesia with certain theme, and later will initiate an idea until create a concept to solve those matters.

Based on Indonesia Economic Development Expansion Masterplan (MP3EI), the readiness of human resource who are able to quickly adapt to science and technology development can be achieved through learning based on science and technology implementation. Thus, the presence of YES Summit can be learning tools with comprehensive science and technology based implementation.

With YES Summit, Indonesian government mission on 2025 will be achieved if there is a harmony between engineers and scientists candidate to collaborate together in order to end problems in Indonesia with enough ability to innovate in science and technology sector. YES Summit offers a national scale platform for engineering students and scientists to contribute solving problems in Indonesia and also as a place for them to improve capability of innovating.

YES Summit 2014 raises topic about transportation, with theme “Collaboration Work of Young Engineers and Scientists to Solve Problems and Develop Transportation Technology for the Advancement of Indonesia. It will be held for four days on 29th May – 1st June 2014 at ITS Surabaya.

YESS 2013, an event initiated by Ministry of External Relations BEM ITS has been held on 9th-12th May in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology Surabaya Campus. In YES Summit, young engineers are invited to create innovations which can solve local matters or even develop the potential of any region.

This conference is participated by various universities in Indonesia such as UNY, UGM, ITS, ITB, UI, IPB, UNDIP, UNHAS, UNRI, and more. This forum supports government’s program, national scale developing based on

The topic that YES Summit bring is “Optimize local potential for Indonesian Technological Independence”, the event is held for four days. ITS Student Executive Board invites most competent speakers for every discussion. Imam Gunawan, from the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs Indonesia, gives a passion of alteration for engineering students and scientists. Rudiyanto, Secretary General of Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia, delivers perspectives about the proffesion of engineers and scientists. B.J Habibie’s son, Ilham Akbar Habibie who currently the Head of Ilthabi Rekatama Company is also appeared in this conference to deliver about the fact of engineers.

Even Hatta Radjasa, Economic Minister of Indonesia, also gives important discussion as the materials for young engineers and scientists about ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and Indonesia Economic Development Expansion Masterplan (MP3EI). After knowing about engineers and scientists, the participants attend cluster class which will be focused on one field. In the cluster, they will be enriched with knowledge from every experts.

By giving knowledge in every cluster, YES Summit provides knowledge about efficient applicative technology for the students in order to develop local potential and solve local problems. Later, they are facilitated with a focus group discussion which trigger them to showed their ability to solve local issues in order to serve the community as a part of Tri Dharma.

Eventually, the outputs of YES Summit 2013 are the project that have been done by the participants will be applied in each region or in union but focusing on one area, and also the community of Indonesian engineering students and scientists participating to build Indonesia . This community will become huge and called Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) Community.


As a metropolitan city, Surabaya become the center of economic activities in East Java and the surrounding area. Most of the population is engaged in services, industry and trade. Many large companies are headquartered in Surabaya. Moreover, Surabaya today is settled by dozens of mall and plazas, like Tunjungan Plaza, Galaxy Mall, Pakuwon Trade Center, Surabaya Plaza and many more. In addition to the mall and plaza, Surabaya also has numbers of destination inside the city regarding the historical sites or cultural site. Among of them, there are Monkasel or submarine monument, Surabaya heroes monument, Bungkul park, Surabaya zoo, Ampel, Kayoon street and more.

Some Fact

“The name of the city Surabaya is a unique combination of two creatures. The first part of the name is derived from the word Suro which means Shark and the second part is derived from the word Boyo which means Crocodile. Both these animals are now used as symbol in the emblem of this city”

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